Goblin Quest


bambrax the wizurd tell us to go in hole so we do it

in hole is big ruuns! its dark and big shadowe fight us! but we kill it becuz we the best

we go souht, there lil dumb dragguns. wonk sez “were is geegoo???” is true, where is geegoo? no1 nows

neway we fihgt lil dragguns til they ded. we go to room & there is dragguns & on a leesh is big monstur! reel big guy. we go ohter way.

other way is watr rum. a big gros nekkid man takin a bath! gross. we kill him.

we go back to room with ded dragguns. big snek! it no want 2 kill us tho, it just want eat. it eats dragguns! gross. then go away

big bug monstur kills dragguns in othur rum. we go rest in rum with pool. wonk make fur snek! it called lil weasy.

he rest & we go kil bug monstur. it hurt weppuns but not 2 bad.

then we go nto rum & big spidurs com down frum roof! we clos 2 ded, but 1 runs away

me peek in dor & se mor blind guys! & lil dragguns! me smrt tho, me mak trap 2 kill guys. then glunk RORS & blind guy com owt trip & DED

we kil everbudy but we almost ded 2! lil weasy ded. but we kil becuz we betar.

now we rest & wait 4 bambrax or tha dum ork to com. wonk find buk abot majiks! glunk find dum fight pictors. he is dum.


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