u r goblins. ur master is bad wizrd man. he want u 2 kill bad thigns in ruin, so he can make it his Big Bad place. he give u presents 4 killign stuf.



Wonk is a goblin wizard. One day he found some discarded paper from an old spellbook Bambrax burned. The paper had some minor cantrips on it that Wonk thought were very powerful magical incantations; he practiced his casting abilities for months and one day he showed Bambrax his most powerful spell: Acid Splash, which he ended up getting on Bambrax's nice robes. Bambrax beat Wonk severely for this, but applauded Wonk's ability to learn spells, and gave him 6 pages from his spellbook, which Wonk bound together with twine, making a cover out of animal skins and wood. This is Wonk's spellbook, and he is very very proud of it.

Wonk adopted the name Baron von Linzermunster after discovering an old letter in the ruins from the real von Linzermunster, a human noble from a different time.


Jank is a goblin rogue. He found the remnants of some thieves tools outside the ruins, along with a crudely drawn diagram of how to pick locks. The diagram looks like it was drawn for a child to learn—which was perfect for Jank as well. He became very good at it, enough to get Bambrax's attention; he now uses Jank to pick the locks on the doors in the ruins. However, Jank's rogueish ways have also gotten him in trouble, as he enjoys picking pockets as much as he likes picking locks, and he ended up stealing his shortbow from Bambrax's personal armory, which nearly got him killed, until Jank was able to convince Bambrax that the wizard needed his lockpicking skills.


Glerk is a goblin fighter who found a chest in the ruins the goblins are clearing out. In the chest was a short sword, a buckler, and a brief essay on basic fighting technique. Glerk was too dumb to read the words, but he mimicked the drawings and eventually was able to cobble together his own fighting style. Bambrax noticed this and rewarded him with a chain shirt that he took from a gnome he killed. The chain shirt is old and rusty, but Glerk cleans and polishes it every day, regardless.


During your ransacking of the ruins you came across a stupid kobold who is also mute. You decided to make it your slave. It does basically whatever you say, and will fight for you. He’s pretty cute, but a little old.


Okay so this game is primarily played through Allo, the smartphone Google app, as well as Obsidian Portal, in email, texts, just wherever. It is not intended to be a game that's played in an actual session.


Basically, the game will not proceed until one of two criteria are fulfilled. A) All players have acted/a decision is made, or B) 24 hours have passed. Option A is obvious: if all players have texted an action, then the game progresses. Option B happens when not all players act, and 24 hours have passed. In this instance, I will act on the player's behalf.

So, for example, in a combat scenario, initiative will help determine who does what, but if Jank doesn't respond to his initiative round within 24 hours, I will play for him.

In non-combat scenarios, this will be a little more fluid.


The primary plot of the game is that you are goblins. (You also have a kobold slave, Geegoo.) An up-and-coming evil wizard named Bambrax has killed or enslaved most of your family and friends in your home deep in the forest, and has enlisted you to clear out some nearby ruins so that he can use it as his personal stronghold. Unlike your goblin brethren, however, you three (and Geegoo) managed to get your hands on some old technique books about adventuring, and decided to pursue particular classes.

Goblin Quest